About Us
ULS Industries

As one of the leading gloves suppliers and exporters in Melaka, Malaysia. ULS Industries offers the largest range of natural and synthetic gloves for industrial and pharmaceutical needs.

Established in 2006, takes pride in providing quality products not only nitrile, latex, and surgical gloves, but also ESD applications such as cleanroom wipes and industrial tapes to fulfill industrial needs for manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals.

Our experience and alliance with major manufacturers give us a competitive advantage to provide VALUE and to fulfill your every need.
Products & Services

ULS Industries takes pride in its customizable and premium quality items to better support and engage with local, Europe, and Middle East markets.

Whether you are in manufacturing, healthcare, or laboratory environment; you can enjoy comfort, protection, hygiene, and cost-effectiveness in our products. ULS Industries offers a range of glove products, ESD cleanroom products, PPE and etc, at a competitive price with superior quality:

Latex examination gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, industrial rubber gloves, heat resistance gloves, cotton gloves, safety glove and etc.
ESD Cleanroom Products

ESD mats, ESD Kapton tapes, ESD wipers, ESD stationeries, Sticky Mat, Cleaning Pads, cleaning rollers and etc.
PPE and Hygiene Items

Surgical/industrial face masks (earloop or tied on), shoe cover, hair net, mops, safety shoes and etc.
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